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  1. What is an "examplet"?
  2. What is an "example"?
  3. What is a "statement of goal"
  4. What is a "snippet"
  5. What is the "HowTo System"

The definition of an Examplet

What is the meaning of an examplet? As described by Markus Grabert & Derek Bridge, examplet consists of two parts: the snippet of source code, and a statement of goal in free text. Moreover, a statement of goal usually associated with application notes. An "example", on the other hand, can be regarded as incomplete "Examplet", either the "snippet" is incompleted or without a statement of goal.


Examplet Center

The purpose of setting up the Examplet Center is to provide a place for keeping examplets and examples that I have written for different purposes.

In order to facilitate a fast selection, a HowTo has been built for searching the examplet.

Since the examplet center is still under development, please visit frequently to learn more about the progress of the examplet center


The Specification of Examplet Class

  1. The Examplet Class should have the following objects (properties)
  2. The Examplet Class should generate RDF format
  3. The Examplet Class should have the database connectivity
  4. The Examplet Class can be displayed as an independent web page.


Development Progress of Examplet Class

The Examplet class is under heavy revision. The updated version will be announced in the near future.


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